A Short Story: Fiction

In the Mirror
By Audrey N Painter

N!kau Coma was handsome. He could run through the semi-desert following a springbok shot by a poisoned arrow for days and still have enough energy to carry it back to the tribe. He had deep smile-lines round his small black eyes that ran all the way to his hairline. Xiaka lovingly called him “the happy one.” He’d proposed to her; the thought filled her heart with a sadness that stung like scorpion poison. ...(read the rest of the story)


Travel to Namibia - A six day 4x4 trip over the dunes between Luderitz and Walvisbay:

Read this true story.

We went to Namibia to see the desert in a restricted area between the towns of Luderitz and Walvisbay. Two companies have the right to take 4x4 trips into this area where there are now roads. There are plenty of diamonds, this being the reason for the restriction. It would also be dangerous for inexperienced drivers to try to cross this desert landscape, where you get struck at the top or bottom of a sand dune too often.


I Sing, he said.

His name is Castro Shangombe and he is from Swakopmund in Nambia.

Castro raced to the entrance of our motel in Namibia in a white taxi van. African style: fast and furious. He was our tour guide on a township tour of the city of Swakopmund in Namibia in Africa. “We are not a well known country because we have not really had any wars or unrest. The Germans came to this land and called it South West Africa. We went to Mondesa Township. This man is a true ambassador for his country. A man who sings. I bought his first CD, well recorded and will insert sound from this soon.



A visit to the Elementary School


Castro took us to the school where we met Mr Rodney Sakkeus and his pupils.



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