namibian desert:travel with 4x4 vehicles

Follow the Leader: In the Desert

We traveled from Luderitz to Walvisbay.There were 12 vehicles in our convoy. The driver in the front was a young man called Kosie, a desert child. Our back driver was Johnny, a desert child. They spent 6 days pulling foreigners out of stuck-in-the-sand situations. They cooked for us. More than that - they were the guides. You cannot go through the Namib desert without a guide. Don't.


Why you should go. Endless beauty.

There are no roads. With 4x4 vehicles you can go to places where there are no footprints.

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Where dunes meet the Ocean

The West Coast of Namibia on the Atlantic Ocean. We drove on the beach for a while on hard sand, a welcome relief after days on the sand dunes

A friendly little chap

The Namib desert is a dream come true for a Photographer. This 'verkleurmannetjie' (camelion) survives on scorching hot sand and was very patient while I took his picture. He turned dark brown after a while, not the same colour as the sand any longer.


This 4x4 did not pick up enough speed on the last few meters down the slip-face of the dune and was stuck. Johnny had to come to the rescue.

Spectacular orange sand dunes

The colour of the sand dunes: orange on white.





A Photo gallery of the Namib Desert
A Photo gallery of the Namib Desert