I teach English in China.


Teacher Audrey

The name for this website comes from teaching in this wonderful country, China. The title ‘Teacher Audrey’ comes from my students there. This website was made as a result of you all. You have enriched my life and taught me more than I ever anticipated. Thank you for your respect. Thank you for the letters you write to me. (Read letters by my students in China. Dennis (Jiahau Mao), tells about his military training and looks so handsome in his uniform, Nancy (Mengxi Yu) writes about patriotism and the 60th celebration of China...) Read about the teachers from China: Meet Echo, my dearest friend from Fangshan, near Beijing. The world should have more women like her.

Early morning in a park



I am always sad to hear what people think about Africa. Media propaganda is powerful and malicious. The same is true about China. If you have not been there, and I do not mean the one week trip to Beijing, don’t give your opinion. Live there for a few months and meet the people of the land. Be still in the small streets of towns, walk in the parks at 6 in the morning. Talk to the children. Then: See the truth. China is a magic place.

Beijing 8/8/2008. Olympic Games: Opening Day


Teacher training - Fangshan

They taught me, the teacher from Africa, about life, I helped them bridge the language barrier between English and Chinese. We had a single summer together, teaching each other about education. We parted as friends.I still write to and receive letters from one of these teachers, Echo. Read these. I call these times ‘brief encounters of the perfect kind.

The final day with some of the teachers in the group.


Teaching teenagers in HaiMen

My group of teenagers in HaiMen Middle School were the senior group. Their English skills were extraordinary, their manners immaculate, their laughter catching. This summer with the future leaders of China was a life changing event. I changed my opinion about so many things, after seeing for the first time as we should see – via the eyes of an intelligent teen. Their opinions were powerful, our discussions lively and laughter often.

During a game


Travel in China

I have traveled to 5 cities in China and want to tell the stories of people and places. This picture is on the Great Wall 3 fast driving hours from Beijing. We hiked between Jinshanling and Simatai, it took more than 5 hours but is well worth doing. Plan well. WInter is cold and summer very hot and humid.

On the Great Wall of China in summer


In Xian City I was a student. I want to learn all the time. I crave knowledge. When I travel to China I want to know everything. The history, the culture, the reason why a king asked for an army of 7000 soldiers to be handmade by his people. Who was he? Who discovered this, when? I found out and will tell this story and many others hidden in the astounding 5000+ years of Chinese History.

The Terracotta Warriors in Xian City.

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