Think: WHERE IS THE NORTHPOLE? On the Arctic Ocean, where the land ends, lies the small village of Tuktoyaktuk in Canada.

From the Air

Fly to Tuktoyaktuk from the town Inuvik. The view of the end of the earth, seen from the airplane is spectacular. This picture was taken on the 22 of June. The ice melted a week before this.

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Village life

Boogie met us on the airport. In summer he is a tour guide and tells stories about his town and the people. He laughs often.

Dog sleigh in winter

Boogie is a hunter in the winter months. This is how he goes out, for weeks at a time. With his team of reliable dogs, a sled and enough supplies to survive at – 60 Celcius.

Land of Midnight sun

In June the sun does not set. The sky is a bright blue. The ocean is still brown from the river but will soon be blue. Then, the Beluga Whales come close to shore.

Arctic Ocean dip

Most visitors to Tuktoyaktuk take their shoes off to put their feet in the Arctic Ocean. You have come a few thousand kilometers to be here, and to do this. To tell your friends that you did.