I am the writer Audrey Nolte Painter. I tell stories for pleasure, not to teach. Stories happen to be a good way to teach English in China and excellent to teach Mathematics to teenagers. Stories about Africa are fascinating, even for those who live there, for I watched them unfold with my own eyes. Many are larger than life, as all stories should be. I travel often: these stories are true. Travel with me via the Demspter Highway to where the road ends in the town of Inuvik. See how we celebrated Christmas in Canada, winter of 2009.



I am South African. This part of the website is about my country, the people, the animals and the political issues. These are diverse subjects. You may stay with the travel tales or read about politics. I tell stories about the people of Mozambique, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Namibia and include pictures of interesting places. 4x4 travel in Namibia.

A Story in Afrikaans


I live in Canada now. It is a beautiful country with amazing people: true Canadians who have lived here for generations, but also thousands of immigrants. I meet so many of these immigrants and I want to tell their true stories. But I would like to tell you about Canada: living here, working here and of course about traveling to Canada in 2010 for the Winter Olympics. Take a photo tour to the end of the earth: Tuktoyaktuk


I write and tell stories in two languages: Afrikaans and English. I have friends that will handle Spanish, Mandarin, Russian and French. The stories are about regular people and universal ideas. I include my Travel Stories in this section and also stories that I call "Active Ambassadors." I am an Active Ambassador for South Africa, my friend Oxana for Russia, Nancy for China: there are many of us. The happy African children in this picture are from a small village in Mozambique I will try to be their ambassador. Stories from: BOTSWANA. Read a travel story from Mexico.

Podcasts and Poetry

Listen to my stories and interviews in Afrikaans and English. Listen to Sonnet XV11, by Neruda. A poetry Podcast. Come on a trip to the North pole with me. Listen to a story in Afrikaans.



I do this as a hobby, but I also submit the best ones to Istock, where they are for sale. The photos on my website are all my own and I use them as a storytelling tool here and whenever I teach. Pictures definitely paint a thousand words. This is a link to The Dempster HIghway in Canada..

My Photos on Istock

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